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Access Services | Interlibrary Loan Services | Interlibrary Loan Code (2001)

South Dakota Interlibrary Loan Code (2001)


This code is a revision of the original voluntary agreement adopted by the South Dakota Library Association on October 11, 1979 to govern interlibrary loan (ILL) among libraries in the State of South Dakota. The original was correlated with the American Library Association (ALA) National Interlibrary Loan Code, 1968 (adopted by the Reference Services Division, acting for the American Library Association on June 28, 1968), but was intended to promote a more liberalized ILL policy among the libraries adopting it. This current revision, submitted by a South Dakota Library Network Interlibrary Loan Users' Group committee made up of Elizabeth Fox, South Dakota State University, Sharon Edwards, Rapid City Regional Hospital Library, Donna Neal, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, and Sandy Spanos, Mitchell Public Library, reflects changes in the ALA National Interlibrary Loan Code, 2001 (adopted by the Reference and Adult Services Division board of Directors on January 2001). It was endorsed by the Interlibrary Loan Users' Group on May 17, 2001, and subsequently approved by the South Dakota State Library Board on July 18, 2001 and the South Dakota Library Association Board on March 9, 2002.

The South Dakota Interlibrary Loan Code is based on the premise that lending among libraries for the use of an individual in the State of South Dakota is in the public interest and should be no substitute for the development of adequate collections based on the needs of the service areas represented in libraries and library systems.

This code may be further expanded or modified to meet the particular interests of participating libraries.

I. Definition

Interlibrary loan is the process by which a library requests material from, or supplies material to, another library. ILLs are transactions solely between libraries and not between libraries and individual users.

II. Philosophy of Interlibrary Loan

It is the right of every South Dakota citizen, no matter where s/he may live within the state, to have access to whatever s/he wants to read, view, hear or know about within a reasonable time; and it is the responsibility of the entire library community to amalgamate its energies and resources to see that each user is guaranteed this right. Free exchange of materials between South Dakota libraries should be the norm. Charging for services should only be considered under extraordinary circumstances. Librarians should provide users with requested materials without judging the importance of requests if such requests fall within the broad parameters of library services. It is incumbent upon a librarian to make provisions for a user to obtain such materials even though such materials may not be appropriate to the holdings of the library at which the user requested them.

III. Scope

  1. The purpose of interlibrary loan as defined by this code is to obtain, upon request of a library user, material not available in the user's local library.
  2. This code is not intended to supplant more liberal agreements existing between groups of libraries.
  3. It is recognized that ILL does not relieve any library of the responsibility of developing its own collection. Each library will provide the resources to meet the ordinary study, education, instructional, research and enrichment needs of its users. No library should depend upon another to supply the normal needs of its clientele, except under special agreement for such service.

Responsibility of the Requesting Library

  1. Responsibilities of Requesting Libraries
    1. The requesting library assumes full responsibility for all ILL transactions including user-initiated transactions.
    2. Any type of library material needed for the purpose of study, instruction, information, research or enrichment may be requested on loan or in copy from another library. The supplying library has the right to determine what material will be supplied on a request by request basis. These decisions may be determined by the nature of the material requested or by other reasons specifically indicated in this agreement. The supplying library has the right to say no to any request.
    3. Under the terms of this agreement, requesting libraries will not ordinarily request:
      1. Library materials in recurring demand;
      2. Rare materials;
      3. Duplicates of titles already owned;
      4. Current textbooks;
      5. Reference materials;
      6. General subject searches.
  2. General procedures
    1. The requesting library should establish, maintain, and make available to its users an interlibrary borrowing policy.
    2. Requesting libraries will make every effort to exhaust their own resources before using ILL.
    3. Requested material should be described completely and accurately following accepted bibliographic practice.
    4. Requesting libraries would review requests and consider adding frequently borrowed items to their collections.
    5. The requesting library should identify libraries that own the requested material and should honor any limitations on use imposed by the supplying library.
    6. The requesting library should transmit interlibrary loan requests electronically when possible.
    7. The requesting library is responsible for honoring the due date and enforcing any use restrictions specified by the supplying library. The due date is defined as the date the material is due to be checked-in at the supplying library.
    8. The safety of borrowed materials is the responsibility of the requesting library from the time the item is shipped from the supplying library. This includes all material shipped directly to and/or returned by the user. The requesting library will meet all costs of repair or replacement in accordance with the preference of the supplying library. If an item is shipped via the state courier system, the courier policies and procedures take precedence over this statement.
    9. The requesting library should normally request a renewal before the item is due. The supplying library will supply a new due date. If the supplying library does not respond within five business days, the requesting library may assume that a renewal has been granted extending the due date by the same length of time as the original loan.
    10. All borrowed material is subject to recall. The requesting library should respond immediately if the supplying library recalls the item.
    11. The requesting library is responsible for following the provisions of this code. See section XIII "Violation of the Code."
  3. Following copyright law and guidelines is the responsibility of the requesting library.

V. Responsibility of the Supplying Library

  1. The supplying library should establish, maintain, and make available an interlibrary lending policy.
  2. Supplying libraries will practice as liberal and unrestrictive a policy as is possible in ILLs, with due consideration for the interests of their primary clientele.
  3. The supplying library should process requests in a timely manner that recognizes the needs of the requesting library and/or the requirements of the electronic network or transmission system being used. If unable to fill a request, the supplying library should respond promptly and should state the reason the request cannot be filled. For emergency requests, see section XI "Forms of Delivery."
  4. When filling requests, the supplying library should send sufficient information with each item to identify the request.
  5. The supplying library should indicate the due date and any restrictions on the use of the material and any special return packaging or shipping requirements. The due date is defined as the date the material is due to be checked-in at the supplying library.
  6. The supplying library should deliver material in a timely and efficient manner. Loaned material should be packaged to prevent loss or damage in shipping.
  7. The supplying library should respond promptly to requests for renewals by supplying a new due date. If the supplying library does not respond within five business days, the requesting library may assume that a renewal has been granted extending the due date by the same length of time as the original loan.
  8. The supplying library may recall material at any time.
  9. Supplying libraries are responsible for informing requesting libraries of any failure to observe the provisions of this code, and if necessary, may invoke the provision stated in Section XIII, "Violation of the Code."

VI. Expenses

  1. The requesting libraries should anticipate charges and authorize or refuse them on the initial request, especially with photocopy requests. If the charges are not authorized beforehand by the requesting library, the supplying library will inform the requesting library of charges and obtain authorization before proceeding with the transaction.
  2. In the interests of efficiency, the supplying library agrees to absorb normal costs incidental to shipping. However, if the requesting library requires special shipping, they should be prepared to assume those costs.
  3. Up to fifty pages of copy per interlibrary loan article may be sent without charge at any one time. Fifty-one or more pages may be billed. Requests for excessive photocopying should be discouraged.
  4. Agreements between libraries may be made to eliminate charges altogether.

VII. Copying of Borrowed Materials

Unless specifically forbidden by the supplying library, it is assumed that copying is permitted, provided that it is in accordance with copyright law and that it will not damage the original material.

VIII. Protocols and Placing Requests

  1. The requesting library will verify that the materials needed are not available in its own collection.
  2. The requesting library will borrow materials from its own community, with the community defined as "other libraries within the city or county", before requesting from cooperative libraries outside their community. Requesting libraries will not request interlibrary loans from outside the state until all possible state resources are exhausted.
  3. The requesting library will check WorldCat for titles needed.
  4. Libraries not members of SD Share-It or OCLC can make their requests though the Request Research/Materials from the State Library.
  5. Some libraries allow unmediated requests, permitting users to initiate online ILL requests that are sent directly to potential supplying libraries. The requesting library assumes full responsibility for these user-initiated transactions.
  6. Requesting and supplying libraries must include their respective delivery addresses.

IX. Verifying Requests and other Required Information

  1. Materials requested must be described as completely and accurately as possible, including edition and date of publication.
  2. All items requested shall be verified in standard bibliographic tools and sources of verification cited when at all possible. When resources do not permit verification, the requesting library may request assistance from the South Dakota State Library.
  3. If verification is disregarded, or the bibliographic data is incorrect, and unless special arrangements otherwise provide, the supplying library may return the request unfilled without special effort to identify the reference.
  4. A specific date needed must be listed on the request. Because of the ambiguity of the terms, "rush, ASAP, etc." should not be used as substitutes for the exact date when the materials are needed.
  5. Special instructions, such as this edition only or special mailing instructions should appear on the request form.
  6. All requests and shipments shall be conspicuously labeled "Interlibrary Loan."
  7. For copy requests, the requesting library must comply with the U.S. copyright law (Title 17 Link to Copyright dot gov, U.S. Code: and it's accompanying guidelines).
  8. The guide for interlibrary loan procedures shall be Virginia Boucher's Interlibrary Loan Practices Handbook. (See bibliography in Appendix A.)

X. Loan Period

  1. The supplying library should indicate the date due and any restrictions on the use of the materials and any special return packaging or shipping requirements. The date due is defined as the date the material is due to be checked in at the supplying library
  2. A suggested loan period is four weeks with 1 renewal, at the discretion of the lending library.
  3. If a renewal is required, the renewal request shall be sent in time to reach the lending library before the original due date. The supplying library should respond to renewal requests promptly; if it does not, the requesting library will assume that a renewal for the same period as the original loan is granted.
  4. Material on interlibrary loan is subject to recall at any time and the requesting library shall comply promptly.

XI. Forms of Requests

  1. Requests may be transmitted electronically or sent by courier, mail or fax using standard bibliographic format in accordance with the protocols of the electronic network or the transmission system used.
  2. When mutually agreeable, telephone requests are acceptable and shall be confirmed by the mailing or faxing of standard forms, unless the lending library waives this procedure.

XII. Forms of Delivery

Delivery shall be by the most effective means available to insure timely receipt of material.

XIII. Violation of the Code

Continued disregard of the provisions of this code shall be sufficient reason for suspension of borrowing privileges.

XIV. Appendices

Appendix A: National Code and Bibliography

Appendix B: Sample forms

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