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March 2010
Volume 2, Issue 3

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April 13, 2010

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Why didn't I think of that?

Friends of the Library partner with high school freshmen

By Annie Brunskill, Library Director, Haakon County Public Library

About three years ago the previous librarian ordered what she thought was a book by Chris Van Allsburg. It turned out to be a collection of posters from Van Allsburg’s book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. She asked the Friends of the Library to come up with a way to use them and someone suggested an essay contest. The Friends suggested we try it again this year, so high school English teacher, Laura O’Connor, was contacted. She chose the freshman class to participate in the contest because they are her creative writing class. The students had a lot of fun with it, especially since they could pair up to write their stories. Laura graded them for school and afterwards the Friends got to read them and pick their favorite. The students whose essay got the highest vote won $25.00 each from the Friends. The winners were also published in the local newspaper.

The contest was a joint Friends and school project. Although no essays were solicited from the community, that might be really interesting to do too. This was the second time the contest was held, but I would guess that they’ll hold it again in a of couple years. For more background information about the book go to


Librarians’ husbands read too

The library staff at Patrick Henry Middle School in Sioux Falls motivates readers by posting titles they have read on a huge wall display. But they also include a separate section of titles read by their husbands. According to librarian Wendy Nelson, the titles read by their husbands get a lot of attention too.


Dancing with the Staff showcases hidden talents and raises funds

Jessica and Chuck Henson performing at the Brandon Valley's Dancing with the Staff fundraiser held in 2008.

Try taking the “Dancing with the Stars” idea and turning it into a “Dancing with the Staff” fundraiser for your school or public library. According to Brandon Valley High School librarian, Joli Gallagher, her administration uses this program as a school-wide fundraiser. The students who are interested ask teachers to be their dancing partner. They are then given one night of dance lessons at a dance studio in Sioux Falls. It is quite well attended and very fun. There are usually about 20 couples who dance. Administrative Assistant, Jessica Henson and her husband, Chuck (pictured above), are accomplished ballroom dancers and have been featured performers at the competitions.

A school in Maine also does this program as a fundraiser, but has teachers dancing with other teachers. For more details on their program go to


Reuse magazine boxes

An alternative use for magazine boxes.

Watertown Middle School librarian JoAnn Butts reuses old magazine boxes as shelf guides. They are sturdy, easy to read and quick to change when needed.


Brandon, Philip, recycle, Sioux Falls, Watertown




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