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June 2011, Volume 3, Issue 6

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Edgemont uses Internet to find lost books

You know the end-of-the-year school library drill: hurried, last-minute, even (sometimes) desperate efforts to pull those last few "lost" books from their hiding places. Ever hopeful and optimistic, each day you once again mention those titles to students, all of whom shake their heads and vow they've never read, checked out, even seen those particular books.

Edgemont School librarian receiving lost book

When Edgemont School Library's Katie Shaw and Stacie Leonard get those blank stares and head shakes of non-recognition, they head to the Internet, pull up the appropriate titles, and print copies of the nowhere-to-be-found books' front covers. Showing the printouts to students is frequently enough to remind kids that they did, indeed, check them out and need to dig deeper. Often, students will recall having seen the books lying unclaimed somewhere, perhaps in a classroom or the school gym and will run off to retrieve the lost items. Sounds to us like an idea that has legs.


Stewart Stars stick with reading

The 280 students of Yankton's Stewart Elementary School were challenged by their librarian, Kathleen Bergeson, to "stick with reading" and read over 1,000 books in the three weeks from National Library Week to Children's Book Week. They rose to the challenge reading over 1,700 books so they could stick their librarian to the wall with duck tape.

School Librarian Kathleen Bergeson is stuck to the wall

The kids did an excellent job finding the motivation to read, read, read as spring weather arrived after they finished their Dakota STEP tests. Mrs. Bergeson reported, "It was a fun way to keep everyone rolling as the end of the year approached. Awesome reading, Stewart Stars!"


Chamberlain finds new purpose for laptop carts

Chamberlain Elementary School librarian, Peggy Hanzlik with Laptop cart and ereaders

Chamberlain Elementary School librarian, Peggy Hanzlik, found herself with 20 new ereaders that needed space in the library this year. She discovered that the library's laptop carts work great to store and recharge the new ereaders. Teachers check the ereaders out to their classrooms every morning and return them to the cart in the library at the end of the day. Hanzlik reports that the ereaders are a big hit with students and staff.





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