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May 2011, Volume 3, Issue 5

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Britton chases away the winter blahs with library BINGO

By Rhonda Hardina, Britton Public Library

Our readers are playing BINGO at the Britton Public Library. They are reading things they might not have otherwise and they seem to be having fun with it. All ages are invited to participate, but for now mostly adults are playing.

The five by five BINGO grid contains different genres of books and different services the library offers. Examples of what players can read are a play, a South Dakota book, numbers one, two, or three in a series, or a book with "spring" in the title. They can watch a DVD and listen to a book on CD or tape. Patrons can get a BINGO in a line or try for a black-out. We wanted to have a library challenge to bring in the spring and get rid of some of the blahs from the winter. Prizes will be awarded to players who complete a line or a blackout.



Spring, storytelling, music, jungle mix and mingle in Custer

By Marguerite Cullum, Custer County Library

Custer Spring EventCuster County Library just hosted its big spring event of stories and songs for adults. Several storytellers from the Black Hills Storytellers group each told about a ten minute story. Some stories were funny, some dramatic, some romantic and some tragic. It was a great mix of entertainment. We combined the event with French Creek Folk, a local group of musicians who perform musical interludes. They prefer Irish Jigs since it's mostly strings, but they are game to go with whatever theme we give them!

This year was a jungle theme so they were mixed in with tropical plants, monkeys, parrots and lions. We had some great props and backdrops. We held an intermission to visit, listen to music, and snack on refreshments (mostly chocolate). The event is a free-will donation and it helps keep the event going from year to year as it is not a money-making event. I guess it’s become our "spring fling" as we’ve had it every year for over 15 years. Everyone looks forward to it and we have anywhere from 80 to 200 people who attend.



Ethan School Library gets a fresh look for under $100

Ethan School Library's new look

Ethan School Library's new lookEthan School librarian Crystal Lingemann and three other staff members spent about 25 hours in the library over Christmas vacation giving it a new look for less than $100. It did not cost anything to rearrange because they used the same shelves, just cut them down. A student did the painting during her study halls to earn senior privileges. The paint cost maybe a total of $60.

They still have plans to do something on the walls by the windows, but have not gotten that far yet. They are making plans as they are waiting for a stencil to come in to put above the purple board that says "Peace, Love, Joy To All That Enter Here."



Douglas MS is on the reading track

Douglas Middle School's Race Track

Every couple years, Douglas MS Library at Box Elder, under the leadership of Mavis Schipman, features a Winter Reading Challenge — not a contest, a reading promotion to see how many pages the school can read during the third quarter of the school year. With the theme of race tracks and cars, each team of up to five members is represented by a race car that moves along the track according to number of pages read as recorded in a weekly reading log (165,892 as of Feb. 15).

Teams independently formed by students and/or staff may include family members or even be just one person who participates individually. Weekly during the challenge Mavis uses the school's website to assess the teams' progress; a team that's made no progress in number of pages read in a particular week finds its car parked in the pit. Two consecutive weeks without progress represents a crash and results in a team's car being permanently removed from the race.

To give students time for extra reading opportunities during the challenge, Mavis distributes "Tickets to Read" in the library from 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning. At the conclusion of this year's Winter Reading Challenge, the library hosted a breakfast of rolls and hot chocolate for all participants, as well as building and district administrators. Douglas MS is on the reading track during those long, cold winter months!






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