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South Dakota State Library:
Library Development Team

Daria Bossman
State Librarian (profile)
605.773.3131, Daria.Bossman@state.sd.us

Jasmine Rockwell
Children's Services Coordinator (profile)
605.773.5066, Jasmine.Rockwell@state.sd.us

Brenda Hemmelman
Collection Services Librarian (profile)
605.773.5075, Brenda.Hemmelman@state.sd.us

Kathleen Slocum
Continuing Education Coordinator (profile)
605.773.8438, Kathleen.Slocum@state.sd.us

Julie Erickson
Electronic Services Coordinator, West River (profile)
605.295.1994, Julie.Erickson@state.sd.us

Jane Healy
Electronic Services Coordinator, East River (profile)
605.295.3174, Jane.Healy@state.sd.us

Joan Upell
School Library Coordinator, West River (profile)
605.295.3152, Joan.Upell@state.sd.us

Karen Rickert
Digital Library Associate
605.773.5071, Karen.Rickert@state.sd.us

Marta Stirling
School Library Coordinator, East River (profile)
605.295.3173, Marta.Stirling@state.sd.us

Shawn Behrends
State Data Coordinator (profile)
605-280-5834, Shawn.Behrends@state.sd.us

Wynne Nafus Sayer
Information Officer/ Webmaster (profile)
605.773.2704, Wynne.Sayer@state.sd.us


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