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Continuing Education Opportunities

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October 2015 Continuing Education Opportunities

September 2015 Continuing Education Opportunities

August 2015 Continuing Education Opportunities

June/ July 2015 Continuing Education Opportunities

May 2015 Continuing Education Opportunities

April 2015 Continuing Education Opportunities

New, free self-paced library training open to all
March, 2015

March 2015 Continuing Education Opportunities

"Digging Deeper into Primary Sources" aids teachers, librarians, historians, genealogists
February, 2015

February 2015 Continuing Education Opportunities

Electronic Resources Challenge, winter 2015, starts soon
January, 2015

Jump Start 2015
January, 2015

January 2015 Continuing Education Opportunities

Continuing Education Opportunities
November & December 2014

Continuing Education Opportunities
October, 2014

WebJunction library courses are now open to all South Dakota librarians, staff and trustees!
September, 2014

September 2014 Continuing Education Opportunities

August 2014 Continuing Education Opportunities

June/July, 2014 Continuing Education Opportunities
includes "SLJ's Be The Change webcast series" and many more summer webinars!

May 2014

April, 2014

March, 2014
includes "New session added: Speed-date the SDSL e-resources", "Which State Library databases would you like to get to know better? Which ones haven't you met yet?", and "Upcoming Webinars and more"

February, 2014
includes "Speed-date the SDSL e-resources", "Upcoming RACE Webinars" and "More Continuing Education opportunities"

December 2013/ January 2014
includes "Electronic Resources Challenge, Winter 2014, starts soon" and "More continuing education opportunities"

November, 2013
includes "School Library Chats are Nov. 5" and "More continuing education opportunities"

October, 2013
includes "Upcoming RACE webinars" and "More continuing education opportunities"

September 2013
includes "SD State Library hits the road with digital documents & e-resources", "The 2013 Tri-Conference, Indian Education Summit, and the Digital Shift", and many more continuing education opportunities

August 2013
Looking ahead to professional development for 2013-2014

June/ July 2013
Looking ahead to professional development for 2013-2014

May, 2013
includes "Upcoming RACE webinars" and "More Continuing Education opportunities"

April, 2013
includes "Upcoming RACE webinars" and "More Continuing Education opportunities"

March, 2013
includes "Upcoming RACE webinars" and "More Continuing Education opportunities"

February, 2013
includes "School Library Chats: Third Quarter", "E-government/State Government Resources: a RACE webinar", "2012 Public Library Survey Information: a RACE webinar", "Strengthen Your Community by Building Library Partnerships: a RACE webinar" and more.

January, 2013
New options for Electronic Resources Challenge, Winter 2013; Upcoming RACE Webinars; and More Continuing Education opportunities

November, 2012
Just Weed It!, School Library chats and More!

October, 2012
Upcoming RACE webinars and more!

September, 2012
Still time to register for Indian Ed Summit Library Pre-Conference, and upcoming events from the State Library!

August, 2012
Register today for free collections care workshops, the Indian Ed Summit Library Pre-Conference, RACE webinars, and more continuing education opportunities.

June, 2012
Mark your calendars for Indian Ed Summit Library Pre-Conference

May, 2012
Attention public library boards and directors: relax, recharge, reconnect

April, 2012
School Library Chats, 21 Century School Librarian Boot Camp, and MORE!

March, 2012
School Library Chats, Social Media, Grants, and MORE!

February, 2012
Big Talk From Small Libraries, SDSL RACE Webinars, and more!

January, 2012
Challenges, RACE webinars and more!

Common Core Literacy Lessons registration extended to Nov. 15
November/December, 2011

Looking ahead to 2012 – the Electronic Resources Challenge is back!
November/December, 2011

November/December, 2011
More Continuing Education Opportunities

Common Core Literacy Lessons — Collaborating and Creating Webinar Series
October, 2011

School Library Boot Camp debuts July 22-25, 2012
October, 2011

October, 2011
October Continuing Education Opportunities

September, 2011
September Continuing Education Opportunities

August, 2011
August Continuing Education Opportunities

June, 2011
June Continuing Education Opportunities

May, 2011
May Continuing Education Opportunities

April, 2011
April Continuing Education Opportunities

March, 2011
March Continuing Education Opportunities

Public Library Survey opens February 1
February, 2011

February, 2011
February Continuing Education Opportunities

Learn more about State Library electronic resources
January, 2011

January, 2011
January Continuing Education Opportunities!

Help job seekers at your library — Project Compass SD
November/ December, 2010

November 2010
November Continuing Education Opportunities

October 2010
October Continuing Education Opportunities

September 2010
Continuing Education Opportunities for the month of September.

August 2010
August Continuing Education Opportunities.

July 2010
Are you up to the Challenge? Join us for the summer edition of the State Library Electronic Resources Challenge! It all happens online from June 28 through September 10.

June 2010
June Continuing Education Opportunities

May 2010
May Continuing Education Opportunities

April 2010
April Continuing Education Opportunities

March 2010
Library Training Institute Registration is open and many more!

February 2010
Beginning with this issue, the monthly continuing education opportunities will be published as part of the newsletter.

Finding Time for Continuing Education
February, 2009
Continuing Education. An interview with Brenda DeToy, the librarian from the Selby Area Schools Community Library, about continuing education opportunities.






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